Solutions & Analytics

Data-centric analytic solutions to drive sustainable business growth.

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Access ready-to-use services across the business analytics and solutions for connecting, preparing, modelling, exploring, and consuming insights from all data.

  • Analytics Consulting

    The relevant and robust data you need to improve your business relationships, lower risk, make informed decisions and streamline operations across the customer lifecycle.

    Alternative Credit Scoring

    Leverage the power of alternative data to boost acceptance rates and lower credit losses.

    Open Banking

    The suite of analytics and digital solutions based on bank account data to drive automation and achieve greater financial inclusions.

  • Decision Engine

    A business user-friendly decision management solution for automating decisions that leverage data and analytics.

    Digital Lending

    A smart and intuitive omnichannel digital lending solution that streamlines the internal processes of businesses and adapts to their needs.

    Loan Origination System

    A fully integrated end-to-end corporate lending system that is responsive to the changing needs of businesses.

    Collection Management

    A digital solution for optimising recovery with extensive configuration and integration possibilities to lower risk.

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    Personal and Business Financial Management

    Retail and small business solutions for a 360 management of consumers’ current, past and future financial situation with customised and real-time advice.

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    Know Your Business Platform

    A fully configurable corporate onboarding and KYB monitoring solution for international regulated businesses.