Credit Bureau

We provide, manage, and operate credit bureaus worldwide.

Support responsible lending and reduce credit losses

Increase access to credit

Strengthen banking supervision in monitoring systemic risks

Credit risk analysts comparing data for risk assessment

We provide lenders with access to comprehensive and trustworthy credit data on potential borrowers, allowing lenders to make more strategic choices throughout the customer life cycle. Our long operating history as the provider of credit bureau services ensures that the information is relevant and accurate.

CRIF Credit Reporting Services

Utilise our credit data for faster decisions and improved lending experiences.

Credit Bureau Report

Our extensive credit bureau data helps with timely and efficient credit risk management. Accessible to individuals and businesses, our reports provide a comprehensive assessment of your clients' credit profile information, allowing you to better evaluate their financial responsibility. These reports can also be used to evaluate new customers, and assess the risk level of existing customers.

Credit Scoring

Our data-driven credit bureau scoring system provides an accurate, quick and clear evaluation of borrowers’ credit risk, which can be readily integrated into lending procedures. We have extensive experience in the credit industry and offer both ready-to-use, as well as customised solutions for specific needs.